Real practice cases from experts and members of the Secret.Doctors Only closed club
D2D - doctors to doctors
50+ cases, containing clear correction algorithms
KYIV 2019
October, 6–7
Let's open secrets together!
S Congress  is an event for aesthetic doctors. It is designed to help aesthetic medicine specialists with advices based on the experience of cases which are being discussed in closed group Secret.Doctors Only, as well as Author's techniques and other professional topics. Become part of the most advanced aesthetic medicine community! Share your experience and take the experience of your colleagues!

What is S Congress?
A wide-scale event will be held at the most modern venue of Ukraine - in Kyiv CEC Parkovy.
1000+ participants
international scientific committee
40+ cases from international experts
2000 м² of professional expo area
simultaneous translation
The advantages of participation in the S Congress S-Congress:
2 days and 4 halls, a concentrated know-how about methods and brands. What works and how to combine? How to achieve the safest result?
The specialists
Clear algorithms and doses for all types of complications.
"My worst case" - real cases from Congress experts
The advanced-level scientific program that we form with you
Effective treatment protocols
Experience exchange with colleagues from all over the world
Promotions and new products from world-known brands on the same platform

Roadblocks and life hacks. How not to step on the same rake?
Tools for personal professional growth. Where to start?
Successful career start. Where to begin?
Cases from world-known stars. How did I become successful? How much can I earn?
Anatomy and complication in the practice of aesthetic medicine doctor. What should we do? How to learn?

Irina Khrustaleva (Russia)
Scientific committee
Will ensure different points of view from the experts of S Congress
MD, Plastic Surgeon, Head of the Plastic Surgery Department of Faculty of Postgraduate Studies at the Pavlov First St.Petersburg State Medical University; Member of the Russian Society of Plastic Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgeons; Member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS)
Alexander Turkevych (Ukraine)
MD, PhD, Assoc.Prof. of Dermatovenereology in Lviv National Medical University,, annual Professor of dermatology and venereology Rome University "G.Marconi"
Hassan Galadari (UAE)
MD FAAD of the Boston University/Tufts University dermatology program (USA), a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, member of numerous committees in many international societies, including the American Academy of Dermatology, the Treasurer General of the International Society of Dermatology, member of the International League of Dermatological Societies
Alisa Sharova (Russia)
MD, PhD, cosmetologist, gerontologist, scientific director of the Center for Aesthetic Medicine "Chistye Prudy" (Moscow), associate professor of the Department of Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery, Cosmetology and Cellular Technologies, Head of Cosmetology at the Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University
Thomas Rappl (Austria)
plastic surgeon, member of ÖGPÄRC, ISAPS, SOFCPRE, a WAKO medical board member, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon in the Medical University hospital Graz, focusing on research and education in the field of Aesthetic surgery-and medicine, medical director of MARA (medical aesthetic research academy)
Sergey Shelekhov (Kazakhstan)
PhD, Head of Dermatology and Cosmetology Department at the Kazakh National Medical University, Member of the Expert Council of Botulinum Therapy in the CIS Countries, Member of the International Association of Neurotoxins, Certified Coach of botulinum therapy and contour plastics in the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus, Chairman of the Public Association of Botulinum Therapy Specialists of Kazakhstan, Medical Director of the botulinum therapy specialized clinic in Kazakhstan SMART Clinic
Lee Walker (Britannia)
MD, director and clinical lead at multi-award winning BCity clinics, member of the expert advisory board of "Save Face" (UK), founder and lead speaker for the Aesthetic Practitioner Group, official Teoxane country expert and international speaker, faculty lecturer in clinical education for the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Glasgow
Expert Council
Rostyslav Valikhnovsky
Candidate of Medical Sciences, surgeon of the highest category, founder of the «Valikhnovski Surgery Institute» in Kyiv since 1998, honored Doctor of Ukraine (Ukraine).
Elena Razumovskaya
Plastic surgeon, cosmetologist, the Russian Community of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons Member, EADV Member, SAMS Member, Interregional Organization of Botulinum Therapy Specialists Member, Expert Council of Botulinum Therapy Member, Community of Specialist of the Medical Threading Techologies Member, Lead Medical Advisor of Allergan company, Doctor-in-Chief of the Renaissance Cosmetology Clinic (Russia)
Salvatore Fundaro
Oplastic surgeon, member of the association (WABY Worldwide Advisory Board of YVOIRE, created by LG Chem), founder and president of the Center for Injection Safety Research (RCIS), vice president of the Italian Society of Aesthetic Surgery, medical director Multimed (Italy)
Anna Reznik
MD, dermatologist, owner and Head Physician of the Medical Center "ARclinic" (Saint-Petersburg, Russia). Certified trainer Ipsen company for Dysport and Filorga Fillers (Russia)
Natalia Markova
CEO of Medical Esthetic company (Czech Republic). MD, Dermatologist, Cosmetologist. Certified Trainer for Aptos Methods, Medical Consultant for Regen, Compex Jett. Holder of patents for RF lifting device and elastin renewing moisturizer (Prague)
Evgeniy Eroshkin
Institute of Occupational Medicine, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Ukraine)
Anna Funikova
MD, dermatologist , Allergan National Trainer, founder in Ukrainian Medical Aesthetic Academy and Medical Community Clinic. (Ukraine)
Egor Kolodchenko
PhD, dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist, laser technology specialist, President of the Association of Laser Medicine and Cosmetology (Ukraine)
Maria Kalutskaya
Dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist, certified trainer of BelViso company (Russia)
Inna Rotar
Dermatologist, beauty therapist.
Medicine blogger @doctor_inna_msk (Russia)
Karina Shynder
Dermatovenerologist, moderator of Secret Doctors only group, specialist in injection techniques, director of clinic by "The clinic by Karina Shynder" (Ukraine)
Tatyana Yurchenko
Doctor, dermatologist, cosmetologist (Ukraine)
Irada Huseynova
Doctor of cosmetology, specialist of injections and tredlifting. Member of society regenerative medicine (Azerbaijan)
Ilja Kruglikov
PhD, DrSci. CEO "Wellcomet GmbH" (Karlsruhe, Germany)
Liya Smekun
Health and pharmaceuticals marketer, "Internet-marketing" and "Personal brand of Doctor and Clinic Manager" course author. The author of articles of the private medical business. Creator of the community of doctors: ProMedicine, Medical Business Forum, Medical Business Camp и Medical Business Tour. (Germany)
Elena Veter
Founder of online school Talky
certified CELTA teacher
certified Callan method teacher ( unique speaking method)
author of the following courses "English for Doctors", "English for cabin crew", "Get ready for job interview in English" (Ukraine)
Inna Belenky
PhD, Biology Faculty, Biochemistry Department of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Aesthetic Medicine scientific expert, Vice President of Marketing and Clinic Department Viora Company (Israel/USA), Member of Federation of European Biochemical Societies from 2003 (Israel)
Dmitry Garbuzov
PhD, Top Category Dermatovenerologist, DECОclinique Doctor-in-Chief, CROMA Company international speaker, Speaker of the Dissection Course at Medical University of Vienna (Ukraine)
Oksana Frolova
Lecturer of MARTINEX Education Center Moscow, Russia Dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist Leading specialist of MARTINEX Group at category "Injection Methods"
Member of the National Society of Mesotherapy and Eurasian Association of Specialists in Injection Methods Certified trainer of HUGEL PHARMA (Korea)
Member of the Suiselle's Advisory Board of contour plastic surgery (Switzerland) and Laboratory THOSCANE of Mesotherapy (Russia)
Andrey Danishevsky
Dermatologist of the highest category, certified trainer for injection techniques of the FloSal International Holding, Speaker of the World Congress on anti-age medicine AMWC 2018 in Monaco
Control of age-related changes in the periorbital area. Practical case of total transformation of a gaze (Ukraine)
Ruslan Sovershennyi
Lawyer, medical advocate, managing partner at STATUS law firm.
Deputy Head of the Committee of medical law of the Ukrainian Bar Association, lawyer of the 2018 year in the field of medical law according to the Ukrainian Bar Association, Head of the Health Service Provider Committee at The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, UMF board member, member of the working groups of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on medicine reform, author of scientific programs for medical staff (Ukraine)
Lyudmyla Bezpalko
Plastic surgeon, Ph.D., UAPRAS member, AEGA member, international Teoxane trainer, international Skin Tech Pharma Group trainer, certified APTOS methods trainer
Katia Levit
General Sales Director at InMode Company, Equipment Expert for beauty and plastic surgery centers, Anti-crisis Manager of international companies, founder of the Beauty Boss forum (annual event for owners and managers of beautiful business), the Beauty Code salon owner (Antalya, Turkey).
Alexander Melerzanov
MD, PhD, Dean of the Department of Biological and Medical Physics at MIPT, Associate Professor of Healthcare Organization Department at the M.F. Vladimirsky Moscow Regional Research and Clinical Institute, Medical Director of the Biopharmaceutical cluster Northern (Russia)
Alla Grabchenko
Cosmetologist, co-founder of the PR Cosmetology Clinic, Medical Communication Trainer and Consultant, founder of #нестрашныйврач (Ukraine)
Liudmyla Fedorych
Ph.D., Associate Professor, Dermatologist, Author and Co-author of more than 80 scientific publications (Ukraine)
Elena Lukyanchenko
Dermatovenerologist, Cosmetologist, Chief Doctor of the Center of Medical Cosmetology Global Medical Group, Associate Professor of the Department of Dermatovenerology and Cosmetology at DonNMU, Certified Aptos Thread Lifting Trainer (Ukraine)
Victoria Radkevych
Angiosurgeon, dermatovenerologist, surgeon of General and Emergency Surgery Department of Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Head of Laser Surgery Center at 6th Kyiv City Clinical Hospital (Ukraine)
Valeriia Kosova
Dr, member of World Society of Interdisciplinary Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine (WOSIAM), dermatologist (Ukraine)
Viktor Shavlak
Dermatologist, Member of EADV, EAACI, Speaker of International Congresses IMCAS, AMWC, FACE, Speaker, Trainer, Scientific Consultant, International KOL of PRX-T33, Nanopore, TwAc, Phillex, Xela Rederm products, Founder and Chief Doctor of the Cult Clinic for Aesthetic Medicine and Dermatology (Ukraine)
Alexander Golod
Ph.D., Dermatovenerologist, Otolaryngologist, Ipsen International Expert, Teoxan National Expert (Ukraine)
Marina Narozhnaia
PhD, dermatologist, the national expert of IPSEN Company (Ukraine)
Mariia Motuz
Methodologist of DUSO company, certified trainer of EndyMed (Ukraine)
Oksana Pashkovskaya
Dermatologist, Expert of the International Association of Anti-Aging Medicine, Hyalual Certified Trainer (Ukraine)
Natalia Romashchenko
Plastic Surgeon, Specialist in Aesthetic Medicine, Hyalual National Expert (Ukraine)
Anastasia Derysh
Chief Doctor of the CDD clinic (Ukraine)
Ivan Kashnikov
plastic, maxillofacial and reconstructive surgeon, Lead surgeon and Head of Plastic Surgery Department at Russian Clinic in Kuwait (Kuwait)
Alessandro Gariboldi
Managing Director Asia & Middle East & International Products Specialist (Italy)
Andrey Petrovich
MD, dermatologist, cosmetologist at Perfecto Room Clinic of Plastic Surgery, Scientific Director at Totis Pharma Company, Scientific Director of the APIC Congress (Ukraine)
Tatyana Kobets
dermatologist, cosmetologist, member of UADVC (Ukrainian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists, Cosmetologists), IBSA international expert , certified trainer of Innovaestetic company (Ukraine)
Alexey Pisarev
Development Director, AlfaSPA Developmen (Ukraine)
Anna Ogurtsova
Dermatologist of the highest category, MD, PhD, cosmetologist, mesotherapist.
Full member of the Ukrainian Association of dermatovenereologists. Certified international trainer by Thread lifting methods Aptos. Owner of 2 Copyright certificates on inventions in the field of diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases, the author of over 40 scholarly articles and papers, speaker and participant of international congresses (Ukraine)
Julia Savastru
M.D., dermatologist venereologist, cosmetologist, Aptos & Estefill certified coach, Medical Estetic educational project speaker, chief medical officer & founder at Skin Architect, clinic of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology (Ukraine)
Viktoriia Sagalevych
Scientific Head GarnoMedica Medical Center, dermatologists, Member of Advisory Board at Allergan Company (USA), National Trainer on botulinotheraphy and contour plastic of Allergan Company (Ukraine)
Rasulova Gulnara
candidate of medical sciences, founder and director of Aesthetics Beauty Rosy Clinic (Uzbekistan)
Svitlana Diachuk
MD dermatologist. "Dr. Bogomolets institute of dermatology and cosmetology". EADV member. IDS member (Ukraine)

Become part of the most advanced
aesthetic medicine community!
Join us!
PARKOVY | Kyiv International Convention Center is a modern unique complex, truly exemplary venue with high-tech facilities, which offers superlative ambiance for different types of events.
Exhibition area
We invite you to visit the largest exhibition of aesthetic medicine,
where 2000 m2 of professional expo zone are waiting for you
The best developments from the leading companies of the industry, as well as a zone of test drive and master classes!
S Congress Program
Workshop Hall
October 6-7
Cosmetology Innovations: ingredients, formulas, methods

October 6

1. Session «Evidentiary medicine. Studies results as efficacy indicator»
2. Session «Possibilities and results of different collagen stimulators forms application for subcutaneous injection»
3. Session «From indications for use to essence: everything you need to know about botulinum toxins»
4. Session «Innovations in classics: peptides and their appointment»

October 7

1. Session «Innovative injection drugs and methods of their administration for resolving different aesthetic problems»
2. Session «Specifics of polynucleotide-based drugs application»
3. Session «Actual Methods of Volumerization»
4. Session «Non-surgical methods of rejuvenation»
Case Hall
October 6-7
1. Facial asymmetry: causes of pathological deviations and methods of their correction. Cases from Congress Experts.
• What is the best for perception - the ideal or imperfect face? Where is the line?
• Acquired asymmetry: Is it dangerous? What is it related to? Should it be corrected? How to correct it?

2. Harmonious proportions of the face, or How to manage volume?
• Decreasing
• Increasing
• Restoring

3. Dermatological pathologies in aesthetic medicine (dyschromia, scaring, acne, neoplasms, trichology). Cases from Experts
• Symptoms and treatment
• Combined pathologies in dermatology practice
• Rare dermatological pathologies in aesthetics
• Appearance pathologies associated with mental disorders

4. Skin: Don't forget about the quality. What is antiaging?
• What does patient want?
• Skin quality – improving quality of life
• Methods of skin quality management
• System approaches to antiaging

5. Atypical correction zones
• Secrets from cosmetologists
• What you shouldn't do
• How to do it right

6. Tandem "surgeon + cosmetologist"

7. Safety – first priority
• Filler-related complications: vascular, infectious, immunological, product-associated
• Toxin-related complications
• Threads-related complications
• Monotherapy-related complications

8. My worst case
What trainers do not know? Pitfalls and life hacks. How to become a successful doctor of aesthetic medicine?

Hi-Tech Hall
October 6
10:40–18:00 Hardware cosmetology: development vector or another trend?

Session topics:
1. Hardware cosmetology: methods and opportunities
· Indications and contraindications
· All about liposuction, brushing, darsonval, deincrustation, endermology, radiofrequency lifting, microcurrent and ultrasound therapy, electroporation as non-injection mesotherapy
· Hardware methods in melanosis treatment
· Which cosmetology is better: Hardware or classical? Are they combinable?

2. Laser medicine : where, how and why?
· Laser removal of artificial colors: promises and reality
· Postoperative scars: laser correction efficacy
· Vascular neoplasms of the skin and symmetric methods of correction using a laser
· Laser resurfacing and fractional rejuvenation: the pros and cons
· Laser medicine in aesthetic gynecology
· How to tighten tissues using RF technology?

4. Modern hardware cosmetology: technology of rejuvenation and body sculpting
· Liposuction and liporeduction
· Ultrasonic Cavitation
· Electromyostimulation of the body
· Vacuum therapy
· Pressotherapy

5. Hardware marketing and technology management:
· Pricing of complex services: a segment of hardware procedures that solve aesthetic problems in a systematic approach
· Algorithm of using new technologies for obtaining additional profit.
· Hardware technologies in the clinic - are the leaders a magnet or a leading source of income?

6. Hardware methods in the treatment of adverse events and complications

Student Hall
October 6
Introduction "What is important to know at the start of the profession?
How to get a satisfied patient and stay true to own principles and knowledge?"

Session "Algorithm of successful entry into a profession, or Start-up in aesthetic medicine: where to start a career?"
• Startup legal aspects
• Building doctor's personal brand for
• Patient communication skills
• Medical English as a tool for personal and professional growth

Session "Anatomy and dangerous areas in the practice of aesthetic medicine doctor"
• Anatomy and danger zones
• Complications
• Anatomy and danger zones
• Cadaver courses as a tool for professional development.

Session "My way to do it and how it works. Methods and drugs, cost and income. Cases".
• Regenerative medicine
• Contour plastic

Session "The social component of aesthetic medicine"
• Aesthetic aspects of functional disorders
• Transgender at the doctor of aesthetic medicine
Business Hall
October 7
10:00-18:00 "Everything doctor needs, except professional skills»

• What you need to know about legal protection for doctor, clinic and patients
• Psychology and communication
• Digitalization: follow trends or die
• IT: business automation - the first step to building a profitable business

Open Education Hall
October 7
Modern cosmetology: top techniques of the work from the best specialists

Session Features of work with different facial zones and combination of different products in the same procedure

Session Safe methods of new generation products using

Session Optimal protocols for treatment of aesthetic defects and skin aging

Session Lifting-effect: what procedures could help to achieve it?

Participation fee
Standard Plus

On the days of the event (up to availability in the hall) - 210€

  • Full access to all congress halls (Case Hall, Student Hall, Laser Show Hall , Workshop Hall , Management Hall)
  • Access to expo zone
  • Worksheet
  • Diploma of the participant
  • Priority registration
  • Front row seat in the Case Hall is guaranteed
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On the days of the event (up to availability in the hall) - 160€
  • Full access to all congress halls (Case Hall, Student Hall, Laser Show Hall , Workshop Hall , Management Hall)
  • Access to expo zone
  • Worksheet
  • Diploma of the participant
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Student Ticket
30 €
  • Admission by student ticket
  • Access to all sessions of the Student Hall Scientific Program and the Open Education Hall
  • Access to expo zone
  • Worksheet
  • Diploma of the participant

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Expo Ticket
10 €

Access to expo zone only
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S-Congress registration fee
reimbursement conditions
  • in case of participation cancellation before August 1st 2019 fee is reimbursed in amount of 85% of registration fee (15% - administrative expenses)
  • from August 1st 2019 to September 15th 2019 fee is reimbursed in amount of 50% of registration fee
  • after September 15th 2019 fee is not reimbursable
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